I am not currently looking for work 🙁

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I'm a hybrid UI/UX designer that loves The X-Files, ice cream, pastels, and cats.

Having worked for several start-ups and small businesses as well as a major corporation, I’ve gained the advantage of being exposed to all areas of design. As the sole designer for many of these companies, I took on many roles and mastered all of them. What could be considered for other designers overwhelming, diving into various new design fields at once, has only taught me to multi-task and given me invaluable exposure to design processes and experiences most specialized designers never encounter outside of their selected niche. 

My diverse background has given me an in-depth understanding of working in various environments with many different teams. I am able to easily and effectively collaborate with other designers, developers, engineers, marketers, printers, production artists, managers, and more.

Interested in learning more? Email me at sarahjoyhood [at] gmail.com

What it's like to work with me:

"Sarah always adds a sparkling higher level of positivity, and motivation in the workplace. In meetings, she is cheerful, bright, and informative. She knows how to identify her client's needs as well as supply the end-users with the design strategy that would be most effective for the service, product, game, etc. She is self-motivated and actively seeks to continue learning whatever cutting-edge software might be necessary to achieve each project's goals. Sarah can take projects from start to end, from design to development. She's a valuable member of our design team and I'm glad I have the opportunity to work and learn from Sarah!"

-La Rillera at Growth Acceleration Partners

"Sarah shined when attention to detail and pixel-perfection were needed across multiple projects; she is resilient in working through tedious technical tasks and QA. She is able to pick-up new applications easily, communicates well, and truly enjoys learning new approaches to design and development. Sarah will be an impressive asset to any design team!"

- Ivory M. Chafin-Blanchard at Ivory Digital

"Sarah is one of the easiest, brightest, and most talented visual designers I've worked with. She understands technical concepts very quickly and is able to translate key elements in her designs. She has incredible knowledge of visual best practices and ensures that her work always exceeds the industry's design standards. She has never missed a deadline and it has truly been a joy working with her."

-Sharon Chin Li Ping at Visionweb