Burn Black Zine



Burn Black is a hardcore/punk community zine that collects raw stories not only in text form but also photography and art. For its upcoming issue — with the theme of “Influence” — the zine was taking artists’ interpretations of the recreated covers of albums by musicians who influenced them as a person or artist.

As a old school hardcore fan, I chose to reinterpret the Cro Mags "Age of Quarrel" cover in a fan girl style. I love the juxtaposition of my two sides, hardcore punk and girly girl.

"When I think of my all time favorite hardcore band or album its easy for me to say without a doubt that it would be Cro-Mags Age of Quarrel. And although other artists music inspire me I feel that this album does things for me in a different way. When I listen to other music it's usually the lyrics about some sort of break up and making it out ok, or the loss of someone that touches me and lets me know "it's gonna be alright." But with Cro Mags i'm more inspired by the energy and attitude. It's almost impossible for me to stay still when any of these songs come on. In a sick way it's his rage that gets me going and makes me wanna mosh it out.

With this recreation I wanted to pull in the attitude of my store Mystic Mayhem by combining the genres of two completely opposite styles. I wanted to make something you'd find in your little sisters notebook, but with some deeper more intense subject manner. I don't know if John Joseph would approve of this teen heart-throb stylized version of their album cover, but he would be proud of my "don't give a fuck" attitude when making something as absurd as this."