In addition to short form stories, long form stories, and videos, the editorial team also publishes a variety of Podcast series. However, in order for users to find this content, the podcast team needed help improving the ability to discover Podcast content, ways to grow their subscriber audience, and to have a dynamic way to include podcast content on the site that does not rely on articles being created with sound for each episode.

The hub aims to showcase the breadth of shows produced by MTV and allows users to subscribe to each series. New content is automatically ingested into MTV News and fresher content is surfaced to the top. Creating a main hub for the podcasts series promoted awareness and in turn drove subscriptions and additional revenue via Panoply, brand play by virtue of industry and editorial credibility, and took advantage of the serial nature of podcasts to drive loyalty.

In addition to a main hub page, each show had a series page that allows users to learn more about the show, subscribe and play episodes and Podcast episode pages to focus on individual episode content with surfacing episode audio and description. Podcast episode pages are now accessible via cards that live among other MTV News content on the News homepage and under articles. This will aid the ability to discover this content on-site while allowing episodes to be promoted.

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