Mystic Mayhem


Branding, Print


One of the greatest joys from my work is my ability to turn a clients vague description of what they have in mind for a project into a tangible product. But when the time came to do the same for my own brand, those tasks were more difficult. Mystic Mayhem — my personal store that sells custom DIY outerwear and accessories — was desperately due for a rebrand. When I originally started the store, I was still in the experimental phase so the branding was inconsistent. As the company continues to expand today, it was more important than ever to have consistent branding so I made an effort to further define a uniform tone and style

Throughout past rebrands, the Mystic Mayhem aesthetic stayed consistent in spirit, including the use of unique script and spacey vibes. I knew this was the direction I wanted to go, and worked towards perfecting that vision. After weeks of speculating and scrutinizing, I sat down and determined my customer personas, a 5-year plan, and future goals to better define the brand and develop a strong style guide to apply throughout the store.

I am very excited for the final style guide and am confident it will age well as the company grows and remain the ultimate embodiment of Mystic Mayhem’s vision and spirit. With the new style guide, I’ve been able to rework branded materials like hang tags, thank you coupon cards, and packaging. This vastly improves the customer experience, and will help my brand be more recognizable from now on.